Cleaning Dirty Paws and Coats Since 2008

Bring your pets in to one of our two local pet stores in Yakima, WA

Dogs are great at getting themselves dirty, and the professional groomers at Pet Pantry are great at cleaning them up. We also have a self-serve dog wash station at the Summitview location in Yakima, WA. Please go to our Dog Grooming page for our groomer's contact information.

Pick supplies for your canine companion

Both of our stores are, as we like to say, "3,000 square feet of awesomeness." You'll see dog treats and food from trusted brands, pet beds, toys and more dog supplies. We also stock healthy pet food and other supplies for cats.

You can:

Shop at one of our local pet stores

Order pet products for curbside pickup

Order pet products for delivery anywhere in Yakima County

Note that we have a $25 minimum for delivery orders. To pick out products for delivery or curbside pickup, call the shop close to you today.

You can call 509-966-7300 to talk to our team on Summitview Avenue, or 509-442-3332 to reach our crew on Stonewood Court. We'll also take requests for products we don't stock yet.

Our team keeps doggy tails wagging

The crew at our local pet stores goes above and beyond for local pets and their people. We take pride in taking care of pets, and our owner has more than 30 years. Our expertise can help you keep your pet healthy and happy. Plus, you can get affordable services, like $6 walk-in dog nail trimming services. If you have any questions, call 509-424-3332 now to talk to our crew on Stonewood Court. You can also call 509-966-7300 to reach our team on Summitview Avenue.