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Feed Your Cat Well

Dry Cat Food

All of our dry foods are considered to be ultra premium cat kibbles. This is because of the quality ingredients and absence of cheap fillers, like corn, that make up the bulk of most commercial cat foods.

Raw Cat Food

All cats, whether in your home or on the plains of Africa, are carnivores. Cats are built to digest a diet of the raw meat, bones and organs that make up their natural prey.

Using Mother Nature's own way of feeding as a guide, it's possible for us to feed our domestic feline companions the diet that is most appropriate for them as carnivores. Doing so can be satisfying for your feline's wild instincts while simultaneously offering a myriad of health benefits. At Pet Pantry, we're proud to offer raw packaged diets specifically designed to meet your cat's dietary needs. 

Each picture below is a direct link to the parent company's web page. We encourage you to explore the sites of any food that you are interested in feeding to your pet.


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