A Healthy Pet Is a Happy Pet

Discuss their health in pet nutritional counseling in Yakima, WA

Meeting our pet's nutritional needs is important, but your pet can't tell you how to do that. Does your dog need canned food or raw food? Would grain-free food be good for your cat? You can find out by talking to a professional. Pet Pantry offers pet nutritional counseling services at our stores in Yakima, WA. We can help you get informed about pet nutrition for your kitten, puppy, cat or dog. We can also offer advice for a pregnant or nursing pet.

To find out more about our counseling services, email our team right away.

Upgrade your pet's diet

Ready to dive into pet nutritional counseling? You'll learn all about pet nutrition and tailoring your pet's diet to their:

  • Age: A growing puppy or kitten needs different nutrients than a middle-aged or senior pet.
  • Activity level: A lap dog or cat needs fewer calories than a playful or athletic pet.
  • Medical needs: A healthy dog or cat needs different food than an allergic or sensitive pet.
Contact us today to schedule an appointment. After pet nutritional counseling, you'll feel confident about choosing your pet's food.