Give Your Dog a Bath

Bring your buddy to our self-service dog wash in Yakima, WA

Maybe you don't have a good spot to wash your dog at home. Maybe you want to use professional grooming equipment, but still do the washing by yourself. You can visit Pet Pantry on Summitview Avenue or Stonewood Court in Yakima, WA.

At a self-service dog wash station, you'll find everything you need for your dog's spa day, like aprons, warm water, shampoo, conditioner, towels and brushes. You can even use a variable-speed hair dryer, so your dog won't jump into your car wet. To find out more about our self-service dog wash, contact our team today.

Use our dog wash for an affordable price

You can clean your dog without cleaning out your wallet at a self-service dog wash station. Take a look at our pricing below:

  • $10 for a dog weighing 29 pounds or less
  • $12 for a dog weighing 30 to 59 pounds
  • $15 for a dog weighing 60 pounds or more
Trimming your dog's nails costs $6, regardless of the dog's size. Take advantage of professional equipment for a fair price by visiting a self-service dog wash right away.